The Top Three Things That Will Blow Them Away (…and make you a ton of money)

  1. Identifying Hot Buttons

What’s your pet peeve? I’m a big believer of efficiency and using my time wisely. I arrive 5 minutes early to be seen right on time. Some people are the opposite, they like taking their time, showing up stress free, and hate to be rushed away. It’s important to identify what could make it or break it for each individual and create the most comforting experience for them. 

You can identify some of these hot buttons from the first phone call. Did the patient ask you for the price of their first consultation? Were they in a rush to get off the phone? Did they ask a million questions about the new COVID procedures? Note their tone and pay attention to how they express themselves. Communicate this to team members who will be interacting with them to ensure that this is a memorable visit for a positive reason. The sooner you apply this, the more willing they will be to pay for another visit with you. 

  1. Emotional Touches

When was the last time your dermatologist asked you about your kids high-school graduation or your last vacation to Italy? Have you ever received a personalized card after you had to cancel an appointment with your hairdresser due to a death in the family? Something that may seem insignificant to you, may make all the difference to the emotions that your clients experience when they think of your team and your services.  

When Sally mentions to her hygienist that she is taking her first trip to Europe the following month, you should follow up and ask her about it next time.  Those extra five minutes that you spend in conversation will make all the difference when she’s asking her husband to support her in financing the 12 veneers that you presented. 

  1. Communication Using Visualization

There’s nothing more powerful than imagining yourself crossing the marathon finish line; while you’re running your 13th mile, in the pouring rain, on a tuesday afternoon. Visualization is the key to changing your mindset. Once you know that something you’ve dreamed of is actually achievable, you will be extremely motivated to get it. 

We have an incredible amount of technology in the dental world to communicate with our patients. Radiographs, digital imaging, videography, digital surgical planning, and most importantly, photography. You as a doctor and visionary, can imagine how the porcelain inlay will blend with the tooth so impeccable that it will be invisible. You can picture your patient’s eyes shining bluer once you cover the brown teeth with beautiful, white porcelain. It’s important to communicate this in a way that the patient can also see it. Oftentimes we overlook the opportunity to give them a digital imaging and show them before/after case that is similar to theirs. Take the time to tell them about the young lady who got engaged just 6 months after her smile transformation. Don’t let these opportunities go to waste. 

Karpe Diem! 

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