The Do’s, Don’ts, and Definitely Don’ts of Virtual Visits

Whether you’re using Dentulu, Teledentix, SmileSnap or Your Virtual Consult, virtual visits have become increasingly popular. Implementing a virtual consult feature keeps you up to date with the competition and provides a useful communication tool. This is an entire new world, with no set of rules. There are many philosophies and you must be careful not to lose more than you gain. 

Choosing the correct software: 

DON’T select a program that makes the patients fill out extensive forms and take ten photos from all angles. It can be discouraging, especially if the person is self conscious or has a busy schedule. 

DO pick a software with a simple, straightforward intake form which doesn’t take up a lot of their time. It should be accessible via computer or mobile to maximize your marketing investment. 

When dealing with new clients who have not been to your office: 

DON’T assume you know what the patient truly wants based on the few sentences they typed online. They may write that they want brighter teeth, but probably won’t give you details about their upcoming wedding. 

DO call them before their official consultation to find out more information about their concerns, timeline, and possible financial concerns. Use this phone call to build rapport and ask open-ended questions. Find out why their smile is important to them and notate the name of their fiance or their wedding venue. You never know when you’ll have an opportunity to impress them in the future. 

Schedule the appropriate time:

DEFINITELY DON’T think for one second that virtual consults are quick and easy. Remember, they won’t have the opportunity to shake your hand (or give you the elbow bump), so you must maximize each interaction.   

DON’T choose a program that boasts to be an easy, quick fix. The ones that send templated, automatic emails with a brief overview of recommendations and price. It’s impersonal and offers no value. 

DO choose a software that allows you to send a personalized video or schedule a live consult. Take your time with each one and allow your patients to get to know you. They should feel special to have your full attention using this new technology and not like they’re another name in the queue.

Pay attention to the duration if sending a personalized consult video:

DEFINITELY DON’T rush through the video and only talk about yourself and your accolades. 

DON’T go on and on about your office or other cases that are not related to theirs trying to sell them your most expensive service. This will lose their interest, quickly. 

DO tell them a little bit about who you are, address their concerns and show them cases that are similar to theirs. It’s important that they visualize and believe what you’re promising them. Make a memorable 2-3 minute video that will capture their attention and engage their curiosity. 

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