Solutions that will make you smile

Your Smile Expert

Aline Oceguera, founder of Transcendental Smile Solutions, has a solid foundation of over 13 years in Cosmetic Dentistry. She’s been involved extensively in smile design planning for patients in the office and behind the scenes.  She has worked with the top cosmetic dentists in the world enhancing the patient experience and transforming hundreds of lives through smile designs. Working with celebrities and A-list clientele gained her experience in providing VIP treatment and exceptional customer service to all patients. Her educational background at Kennesaw State University in Organizational and Industrial Psychology as well as a Masters in Business Administration makes her a multi-faceted commodity in the Cosmetic Dentistry and Medical Esthetics Industries. Aline applies her knowledge of human behavior, business, and marketing to help Cosmetic Dentists succeed. She is know as the ultimate results-driven professional for both patients and doctors. Her upfront, ethical, caring, honest, and friendly approach is refreshing.